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#Wirelesswednesday : Do you have a disaster recovery plan – Did you include two-way radios?


So how can two-way radios help you? They will be your connection to the outside world – Always make sure they are in your Plan A.

Two-way radios are often overlooked even though they are one of the most reliable forms of communication available today. In the event of a telecommunications failure, loss of power, or floods they will still perform and keep your whole team in constant contact.

ROBUST – They offer reliable communications where other technologies fail, they will not suffer from signal issues/network failure.

ATTACKS – They are free from software & malware attacks.

DYNAMIC – They can assist in evacuations. Helping you get your job done quickly & efficiently.

INDISPENSABLE – No numbers to dial; you can communicate at the touch of a button. They will keep you & your team in constant contact while your issue(s) are being fixed.

OPEN – You can open your connection to many user groups from single, or multiple sites.

> Two-Way Radios

Motorola and Hytera lead the way in the United Kingdom in regards to reliability and providing future proof radios. You can incorporate any of them into your existing building systems/functions, or utilise them as a standalone solution.

> Withstanding emergency situations

In an emergency situation, you need a radio which can withstand drops, kicks, and general misuse – DCRS have put together our top 4 radio recommendations which could do just that:

1. MOTOTRBO DP1400 – A robust, sturdy unit which will operate on simple push to talk option. IP54 Rated – dustproof and splashproof.

2. Hytera PD505 – A hardy, compact two-way radio, nothing fancy just simple operation to allow immediate contact when required. IP54 Rated – dustproof and splashproof.

3. Vertex eVerge EVX 261 -. Designed to survive everyday knocks and drops, the rugged EVX-261 Series is built for Day-in, day out reliable performance. IP55 Rated – Protection from dirt, dust, oil, and from water, up to water projected by a nozzle against enclosure from any direction.

4. Hytera PD600 Series – There are three portables within this series which can give you a simple push to talk (PD605), up to a full keypad enabled radio (PD685), with advanced signalling and encryption for secure communications. IP67 Rated – will ensure the continuity of operation if the radio has been submersed in water.

The above are just a few of the options available to you. All of the products are well reviewed and will sip battery power for the longevity of use when charging just isn’t an option. Whichever emergency two-way radios you choose, make sure you test them periodically and keep batteries charged.

> Increase your coverage footprint

Radios can be connected to a repeater(s) to give a wider coverage footprint which in turn can be connected to battery backup system to run even when the power is down.

> How can we help?

As a service provider we have the ability to tailor a solution to meet your exact requirements, even if you just require a handful of two-way radios we can assist – why not book a date for one of our Account Managers to visit site and demonstrate the products to see for yourself the real value (click the image link below).

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If you already hold a fleet, need adjustments to an existing solution, or would like to discuss your options simply contact us on:
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