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Two Way Radio for Education - Schools, Colleges and Universities

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Many schools, colleges, and universities have discovered the benefits of Motorola two- way radio communications. Events in schools, colleges and universities worldwide have heightened the need for better security. In an emergency situation and for public safety radio systems provide the link to provide fast communications where they are needed the most. DCRS can provide equipment to allow seamless communication connecting varying systems and devices. Ranging from the non licensed PMR446 two way radios to the more complex PBR licensed systems, we have solutions to fit any requirement or budget.

Areas of use include: teachers, admin, caretaking, cleaners, and support staff Many sites also find it beneficial for events they hold over the academic year as well such as: fundraisers, concerts, plays and sports days.

For added security solutions/ applications can also be added to your radio systems such as: fire evacuation, staff monitoring, silent alerts and other options to ensure maximum efficiency of your radio system to ensure 100% safety for staff and pupils.

The products we recommend for schools, colleges and universities are the following and are available on either hire (excluding PMR446) , outright purchase or even lease rental:

Product Purchase Recommendations

Non licensed PMR446 (Click on the product for further information)

XNTi Motorola Two Way Radio xtnid Motorola Two Way Radio kenwood tk3301 two way radio VX-351E Two Way Radio
Motorola XNTi446

XTNiD Two Way Radio

Kenwood TK3301 VX-351E Two Way Radio

Licensed PBR (Click on the product for further information)

CP040 Motorola Two Way Radio GP340 Motorola Two Way Radio Vertex 351 two way radio kenwood vx 354 two way radio
CP040 Two Way Radio GP340 Two Way Radio
Vertex 351 Vertex VX 354
VX-231 Two Way Radio VX-354 Full Keypad Two Way Radio    
VX-231 Two Way Radio VX-354 Full Keypad
Two Way Radio


Digital Two Way Radio

Digital Radio giving you greater coverage and functions such as text messaging , lone-worker and man-down safety functions programmed for free (Click on the product for further information)

DP2400 Mototrbo Digial Radio DP3600 Mototrbo Digial Radio DP4800 Mototrbo Digial Radio DP3400 Mototrbo Digial Radio
DP2000 Series
Two Way Radio
DP3600 Digial
Two Way Radio
DP4000 Series
Two Way Radio
SL4000 Series
Two Way Radio


Boosting your signal with a fixed mobile or repeater

dm3400 Mototrbo Digial Radio dm3400 Mototrbo Digial Radio mototrbo repeater
GM340 Mobile Radio DM3400 MOTORTRBO
Digial Radio

Wireless Solutions – to give you greater coverage and staff security

Capacity Plus IP Site Connect


Arrange a NO obligation demonstration of the products listed above by simply contacting us here

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